we would be delighted to host you

for the "neopakovateľnú" wedding





saturday the third of november

two thousand and eighteen

bazilika narodenia panny márie



half past four o'clock


further festivities to be held at

bašta pajštún


Arriving in Slovakia

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. Please don't fly to Ljubljana in Slovenia!

Bratislava airport is a €10 taxi ride to the centre, or the number 61 bus has regular departures to the centre. Beware the complicated bus ticketing system! Bratislava taxis do have a reputation of inflating fares if you take them direct. The best and easiest way to call a taxi is by using the app Hopin Taxi - Slovakia's answer to another well-known taxi-hailing service. 

Vienna Airport is also very close to Bratislava, just a 45-minute drive or 1-hour coach journey. Below is the link to the main Slovak coach company that runs between Vienna Airport (Schwechat) and Bratislava's main bus station (Autobusová Stanica Mylynské Nivy). Note that the bus station is a 20-minute walk from the old town centre. Tickets can be bought online and printed out in advance. Helpfully — if the flight is delayed the ticket will still be valid.

If you would like a taxi from Vienna please tell us in advance.

There are plenty of hotels in the centre, or staré mesto. Below are some of the larger in the old town. 

Loft Hotel

Ibis Centrum  

Radisson Blue Carlton


Arcadia Boutique Hotel

Please feel free to look at other options in Bratislava's staré mesto.

Friday night in bratislava

We dearly hope you can join us for a get-together party from 7pm in the centre of Bratislava on the Friday night for drinks. We would love the chance to be together with you all before the wedding day and make sure that you are up-to-date on Slovakia and its wedding customs.


The party will be held at Riva Bratislava, a boat moored on the Danube right on the edge of Staré Mesto, on the city side of the river. We are so happy that so many of you will come! The private boat is open for us from 7pm.

saturday's plan

Due to the ceremony and celebrations happening outside of Bratislava, a private bus will be used to help you reach the church in Marianka and the party at Pajštún on the Saturday, returning to the city on Sunday for those who are staying at the venue.


There will be two separate buses leaving Bratislava at two different times on the Saturday.

One bus will depart from the IBIS Centrum Hotel, Bratislava, at 1230, stopping to pick people up at 1240 from Loft Hotel. This bus will go direct to Bašta Pajštún, leaving guests two hours to dress up and get ready in their rooms there. Bašta Pajštún has a bar which will be open for coffee and drinks but no food, as the kitchen will be busy preparing for the evening.

The second bus will leave the IBIS Centrum Hotel at 1430 (2.30pm), also going direct to Bašta Pajštún. Guests have time to find their rooms to leave luggage and other belongings.

At 1530 (3.30pm), both buses will leave Bašta Pajštún for the ceremony in Marianka at 1630 (4.30pm) and will take everyone back to Bašta Pajštún afterwards. At the church there will be Slovak drinks and cakes outside the church, with dinner starting  at Bašta Pajštún around 1845.

Travelling by bus to the ceremony in Marianka is not compulsory! If you would like to make your own way to the church, Hopin Taxi will take people there (25 mins, €20). There is then enough space on the buses to take everyone to Bašta Pajštún afterwards.

On Sunday buses will take guests back to Bratislava at 1100 (11am).

The Church in Marianka
wedding party at bašta pajštún

where to stay on the saturday

Bašta Pajštún offers inclusive basic accommodation on the Saturday night. The venue has simple chalets in its grounds with (confusingly) two rooms sharing one bathroom - the issue being the bathroom is located in one of the paired rooms. We will attempt to ensure our guests have the privacy of one room, but it may not be possible and we will ask you if it is possible to share.


There are no hairdryers provided in the chalets!

Everybody who indicated that they would like to stay has their space at Bašta Pajštún. If you are unsure, please confirm with us.

Alternatively, there are hotels and pensions in and around Stupava, the closest town.

Hotel Eminent Stupava

Penzion Ulička Stupava

GreenHof Penzion Stupava

Intersport Hotel Stupava

Bratislava is a 20-25 minute taxi ride away if guests would like to stay in the capital. Our choice of hotels can be found under the details for Friday night.

Soon we will add a list of local taxis. The most common and affordable way to hail a taxi is by using the mobile app Hopin Taxi.

If there is a group of you travelling back to Bratislava we can arrange a taxi for you in advance.

Slovak wedding traditions

Don't worry - it will be the first time for half of the future married couple too. There will be many events, traditions and set pieces you will be familiar with, others not. For instance expect the smashing of plates, catchy Slovak songs and a variety of clear spirits which you are not obliged to drink every time!

The most important tradition is getting a good night's sleep the night before. Yes, the wedding ceremony is at half past four in the afternoon, yet the true festivities at a Slovak wedding only start at midnight and continue on until (literally) sunrise. It is important, as leaving before midnight is taken as a sign of offence! So please, enjoy the numerous dinner times (the first sit-down meal is just the start), slivovica and borovička and dance the night away.

Midnight is particularly special as it symbolises the changing of the lucky bride to a happy wife. The newly blessed wife has the demanding task of having to dance with everyone - with only one provision - it will cost you some cash! The tradition decrees that this money is then used to start the new happily married life together.

... and some other things

If you are wondering about Slovak wedding presents then don't worry - we are not expecting any. More important for us is your presence on the wedding weekend. However if you would like to contribute to our honeymoon fund, then it would be very much appreciated. Just don't forget a little cash on the wedding for dancing with the bride!

We really welcome questions about the wedding, Bratislava, Slovakia or anything else. Whatever you would like to ask, please email us at one of the addresses below.

awljones@me.com                                  sona.zamiskova@gmail.com


Please kindly fill in the form below - this will act as the RSVP to us.

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